Thursday, May 5, 2011


 When I woke up, the sunrise was divine.

 Barb came over to help with chores as the Vet was coming to give spring shots.
 Sheets warmth and green, juicy grass.

 The Vet (Amy) arrived a little before 9:30.  King Mustafa was first....a perfect gentleman.
 Of course Amy had a lot to do with it.  She is my favorite horse vet of all time, and knows her business.  My ponies have always been very comfortable when she has worked with them.
 I must have been talking to much to take pictures of Masterpiece, Berlin and Abbe.  They could not have been more cooperative.
 It was nice to catch up with everything that has been going on.
 Gucci and Phoebe waited patiently in the back yard until 10:30.
 Gary went to a morning performance with the chorus...too early for me with the Vet coming.
 So I finished mowing the lane and around the pastures.
 With all the rain, I wonder when they are going to start working the fields.
 The grass on the lane was thick and lush.
 The tulips have really opened up.
 At 1:30 I was ready to go to the second chorus performance down at the Beikirch Facility.
 We did an ok job, but have a long way to go before our concert.

 Vegged at home for awhile, then went to Jenny's for dinner. 
 I managed to remember to take a shot of the salad, but forgot to shoot the fabulous chicken soup she made.  A delicious dinner.
 The temperature was still around 60.  After dinner Finn and Coop were out riding their bikes.  (This video is for their cousins).

Home around 7 and went out to do chores.  A gorgeous evening.

 The sun was going down when I headed back to the house.
 Can't complain about the weather today!
Night all.


  1. What a gorgeous day! Yippee! I have to say I am SO jealous of all of that grass!!! But I would not want all of that rain so I suppose I'll make do with what we have :)

    Glad the ponies were so well behaved and that you love your vet. A good vet is priceless!

    Hope you had a nice evening!
    p.s. Gary looks quite handsome all gussied up! :)

  2. Springing spring! And next week looks good weatherwise--ta da!

  3. spring looks your header photo...

  4. That grass is lush! How nice. I still have brown, but soon....

    I am so glad you got your sunshine. Good for the mood.

  5. How nice to see your grandsons are being taught to ride their bicycles on the correct side of the road (?)
    Only teasing.

  6. Spring!
    Everything is so lush and green and alive.
    Glad things went smoothly with the vet.

    Here's to more sunshine and dry days!

  7. Yay! About time you had a break in the weather. It's warm here too - we were above freezing last night. Your grass is green!

  8. Gorgeous! And Gary looks quite handsome too. Ahh, don't you love Spring? The flowers are magnificent.


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