Tuesday, May 3, 2011


 I'VE HAD IT!  40, pouring, windy, ugly....
 Sheets back on....
 Hay under the shed roof....
 Did my thing and got back in the house by 9:45.
 Sid and Seymour were all cozy in their condo.

I needed bedding for the horses and it was just too wet to go get sawdust.  Got four big bales of shavings down at Country Max instead.  Gary lugged them out to the barn.
 It sure fluffed up the stalls.
 Funny thing!  It was still raining.  The paddock was a disaster and so were the ponie's sheets.
 They spent much of the day in the indoor or under the shed roof.  At least they were smart enough to do that.
 What a drag....

 Back in for lunch.  A broiled sandwich and some lemonade.
 Then Tina and Mel came over for class.
 I'm beginning to wonder if the rest of my students will ever come back!

 Gary got a delivery while they were here....a box filled with pens!  He was handing them out like cigars.
 Barb had chore duty and we had an early dinner.
 Finished off the ham and cabbage...it was better than ever.
 Bridge tonight.  Not the greatest hand (right Sally? Hope you are feeling better)....
Maybe later...maybe night all.


  1. I am so making that soup this weekend. My parents will be visiting and they will love it (me too). Brett thinks he doesn't like cabbage but I bet he tries (and likes it) too. carrots, potatoes, onion, cabbage and ham - right?

  2. Our weather's been lousy too - maybe spring will come someday.

  3. That hand goes with the miserable weather. Lets hope your partner opens.

    Good luck tonight.

  4. Sending you and your horses a smile :) and some sunshine.

  5. I know what you mean about the rain. Not just rain for us, but pouring from the heavens everyday. No let up in sight.

  6. It is a drag when there's so much rain...but happy its not snow right?

    love your pictures.. ohhhh an artist and art classes? awesome!

    food looks delicious.

    happy day!

  7. I'm so sorry you still have rain, Lori. It's been nice here the past few days and the plants and trees are really going gangbusters.

    Hope you get some sunshine soon. Poor horses!

  8. Yucky weather! Our snow is gone - hope you dry out too.

  9. HELLO!! I don't know what's going on with Mother Nature--Someone needs to set her straight...We've had temps in the 80's today, but it'll be back into the 60's on Weds and rain...sigh....Your dinner looks delicious, although I picked ours up from Wegmans, so it wasn't half bad either! :-)))

  10. Rain, rain go away... and pick up Lori's spirits.

  11. All those great animals, music, food, AND GARLIC!?

    Wow! what a great farm-

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  12. Rain and flooding here too. Everything is inches deep in water and we most likely won't dry out until June at this point.

  13. I'll be back for sure, Lori. Can't wait. Deb

  14. Have been meaning to tell you...love the tulips in your headliner. Hope it turns into a card.

  15. hope the weather improves for you!


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