Monday, October 7, 2019

Way Too Much Going On....

 The morning started out alright.

 Took a photo of all the signs in our yard to post later.
 Got cleaned up and went down to the Community Center for our first pot luck lunch of the season
sponsored by the Sweden Senior Association.  All kinds of things were happening.
The Book Club was there...
 the knitters were cranking out all kinds of hats....

there was a euchre tournament going on 
and we had one fabulous lunch!

 That's when things went wrong for me!
I forgot that I had appointment with my massage therapist at noon
and when I got back to the farm Gary informed me that she had called!  Yikes.
All I was thinking about was the farrier appointment at 2.
Berlin was fine....
 but I was worried about the Rebel, as he had thrown a shoe and there was still one on the foot that had had the injury way last March.  They had him shod when he was at camp and a horizontal crack (over 2 inches long) had shown up so they wanted to protect his foot.  Now, it's about an inch from the bottom of his hoof and I just know it will end up breaking off one of these days.  The farrier did not think we needed to put shoes back on and he looks pretty good.  

 When Josh left, I did a little work on the computer....
 thought about starting dinner and had Gary go out to the garden to grab our first
effort at growing celery.  It is absolutely spectacular.
 I wanted to use it in a stir fry that started
 with pork and onions.

The pups and I went out to the barn to put
some ointment in Berlin's eye.  She thinks it is real smart
to rub on her hay net and it was all puffy.  I had put some in 
this morning and it improved a little.  Now she is back to eating hay
 out of canvas bags instead of a net.

 By the way....these spoiled family members had a little
pork, rice and carrots for dinner.
 By the time we finished the sky turned purple and pink.  Beautiful.

Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

No kidding you are busy! I had the implement guy out to work on the skid steer, visited MIL, and got back in time for our Farrier on Friday ... turned out to be a very long day!
How can you not be exhausted?