Friday, October 25, 2019

Pictures? What Pictures?

 A local artist, who is moving next month, gave us 20 beautiful easels that she can't take with her.
We are storing them and intend to loan them out when they are needed in our community.
This was one of those days.  8 went down to the Morgan Manning to be used for a presentation.
They are stored in the horse barn, and naturally Maggie had to join us when we were ready to take them across the paddock.

 Gary was kind enough to wipe them down while we were waiting for them to be picked up.
 Our last ad came out in the Suburban News today.
So glad there is not much time left before Election Day.
Early voting starts tomorrow...a first for our state.
We both had a piece of pie this afternoon.
 Then we spent some time switching couches between the kitchen and the living room.
That required some cleaning and rearranging.
I also finally had the energy to hook up Roku to the TV in that room.
No interest in making was too late.
 Phoebe probably wonders why the couches are in the wrong place.

Night all.

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