Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fine Dining With Brenda and Al

Another crispy morning.  Barely 40.

 After chores I spent a couple hours working on the last mailer with our designer.

                We have a ton of crazy photos......

At 2:40 I was at Hartwell Hall for an appointment with the massage therapist.
(seeing that I missed my noon appointment on Monday).
When I left, the light was beautiful and I had a clear shot of the Alumni House
and Rosie's gardens.
 I can't say enough about the way it was designed.

 We have so many cucumbers I made a big batch of refrigerator pickles.
 Then I started on a salad to take to Brenda and Al's for dinner.
Never made one like this before.
Greens, tomatoes (just picked), black beans, green onions, corn and avocado.
The dressing was made with a lot of lime juice and other interesting ingredients.
 When we left, Rebel and the girls were enjoying the sunshine.
 We started off with a couple appetizers.
 Al is working on this carving for a friend.  When it's painted it will look like a cardinal.
 This is one of Brenda's most recent paintings.
They are both so talented!
Such a beautiful girl... Scarlett O'Hara.  I finally got a decent photo of her.
 Meanwhile back at the dining room table....
we started off with a bowl of taco soup,
 then we had an enchilada casserole and my salad.
 Dessert was incredible.  A fresh raspberry tart.

 Between the food and getting up at 5am, I could not keep my eyes open.
Home by 9.
Night all.

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