Wednesday, October 16, 2019

So Much For My Beautiful Outdoor Arena....

There was a little sunshine at sunrise and sunset,
but it absolutely poured for the rest of the day.

 Another hibiscus blossom among all the cut zinnias.

 I ran a couple of errands this morning and that was about it.
Gary had a dinner meeting and I went down to the Exempts for spaghetti.
 The place was packed!  The third Wednesday of the month.
I'll have to remember this.  It's always nice to meet new people
who are sitting at your table.
 I left around 6:15 and it finally had stopped raining.

 I washed a couple of medium Rambos earlier and they are
still out on the porch....with no hope of drying in the very near future.
 Little Wonder and Phoebe did not get much outside time today.

Night all.

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