Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Too Busy to Take Pictures....

We got over an inch of rain last night and it was still a little muggy this morning.
As the day went on, the temperature dropped and we will probably be in the 
40s tonight.  I did chores, went to the bank and spent almost 2 hours with the 
designer of our campaign mailers.  I love working with Ron (from Add Red)
as he is able to organize my ideas using all the things about technology that
I don't know.  After that I came home for lunch, then went shopping at Wegman's.
It was raining again and I thought I had to drive to Rochester to pick up our
first post card!  When I spoke to the printer, he had not only printed them,
they had been taken over to the mailhouse in Fairport.  That saved me many hours!
I've had to learn a lot about the entire process, as four years ago Jaime R. did all
the heavy lifting and we were on the outside looking in.  We had many ideas, but
the technical part was beyond us.
Just a little over a month to go until the election.
I can't imagine how we are going to be demeaned next, but I will certainly 
share our opponents handiwork with you.  They are spending a fortune on
ads and mailers....very desperate to get us off the board.

 Except for the ham Gary grilled, we had plenty of leftovers for dinner.

Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Temps got up to around 84 here today. Going to rain tonight and cool off. Wouldn't it be nice if people just ran on their merits instead of trying to rip the opposition apart. Then again maybe they can't run on their merits because they don't have any to speak of? Good luck, I'm sure you'll win hands down.