Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Two More Weeks From Tonight

It rained most of the day.
 By the time I finished chores it was very windy.

 The pups and I got soaked going to the studio...even tho I had a huge umbrella.
 Pam stopped in to say good bye, as she will be moving to Michigan next week.
 Barb's husband Bob joined us today.  Both of them are going to be quick studies.

 As you know, Little Wonder and Pam have had a very special relationship.
 They will miss each other.

 Today I finished the last ad for the newspaper and am so relieved.
Working on mailers and ads has been a very big job.
I take my ideas down to Ron at Add Red and he turns them into 
great pieces.   We worked very well as a team. 
All the mailers were two sided.  Here are a few examples.

Tonight the sun was setting around the time I drove down to the Town Board meeting.

 All of a sudden it was brilliant outside.

 Our meeting lasted util around 8pm.
Our garden is on it's last leg, but I could still make a salad.
Leftover cauliflower casserole 
 and a salad for a very late dinner.
 Fortunately She Sings is having a rehearsal here tomorrow and I
can remove myself from the political scene.
It is taking everything I have not to share with you what kind of crap has been thrown at us.

Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

Oh boy, you sure are busy with the politics of the town! I have no wish to be in your shoes but do wish you the very best.