Tuesday, September 3, 2019


 The rain perked up all the gardens.

 Only two people for class today and I forgot to take photos of their work.
 Didn't forget these two......
 This afternoon a ran a lot of errands.
Started at the bank, then got gas for my car, next....Sagawa Park.
We had put 35 books there on Saturday and today there were only 10 left.
The baggies worked as the books were still in good shape after all the rain.
 You can't imagine how this has been received!  Over 62 shares, visited by way over 100,
pictures posted of kids with their books, tons of comments and a neighboring town
asked to do the same thing we did.  Albion, New York.  
Also, over 25 people have joined the group/page.
 I put the remaining books on the tree.
Others are now hiding their own with messages in them.
Don't you think you should start this in your town?
Go to Brockport Reads on FaceBook and join the fun.
 From there I went to TJ Maxx to use a gift certificate, Wegmans and
finally Tractor Supply for beet pulp pellets and cat food.
By then the sun was out and the temperature was around 80

We had a Town Board meeting tonight.
I had to remember to take the magnetic signs off my car so I would not be politicking.
Mary and I are just getting started.
The sun was setting on my way home.
 We had a late dinner.
Gary had made a pot of sauce today, so I added it to the leftover rice from last night, warmed up the 
leftover BBQued beans and grilled some more romaine.
A crazy combo, but it tasted great.
Night all.

Do you have a favorite Doo Wop song?

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