Saturday, September 21, 2019

A VERY Long Day

I hurried through chores.....

 (where else would she be?)

 so I could get down to the Farmer's Museum to help set up for the Harvest Festival today.

 The vendors were there by 7:30.

 Donny and Jim worked their butts off for two days setting this up.
Kubota loaned them this vehicle and they had a blast driving around in it.
 There were over 15 vendors, 5 exhibitors in the barn
and all kinds of other things going on in the meadow.

 Like this.  He carved a bear out of this huge log in about 4 hours.
 I can't believe this man brought so much equipment to cut boards out of trees...
not to mention a huge pile of logs to be cut.
 There was an old fashioned blacksmith...
 our friend Al was carving.....

 Mrs. W. was quilting....
 Marion was spinning....
 Her daughter had a table full of beautiful sewn goods....
love this bib!
 In the house, Marie Bell was working on one of these.

 Owen was back with his baby chicks.
and I did not get a photo of the Chestnuts, who were weaving!
 The Lions Club sold hots and burgers.
 Brenda and Scarlett O'Hara were on the scene.

 Here was the star of the day....Red Baron.
The steer in the KISS THE COW CONTEST.
 Dianne H. was there taking photos for a newspaper article written by Doug.
 My friend Tina took this photo of us while we were singing.
Roseanne and Karla were there supporting us along with a few other Busker pals.
 I lost the contest, but got to plant a big smooch on Red Baron anyway.
 What a very
 sweet boy.
 Marion D., who is on our committee, made the arrangements to have him brought over.
 The Museum is right next to an enormous cemetery and there were wagon rides throughout the day...
with a historian pointing out many of the special monuments and people who are buried there.

Look at who I caught at the end of one of the tours!

 (another photo by Tina)
 An officer from the Village Police Department was there with his partner, Brock.
They are true ambassadors in our Town.
 Do you recognize Carina and her 3 beautiful kids?
Our committee was very pleased with the way things turned out.
Beautiful weather and a nice turnout.
Of course Red Barron was the star.

By the time I left, it was 85 degrees.
When I got back to the farm, had to sit in front of a fan for awhile.
Then it was chore time.

I'm pooped.

Night all.

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