Saturday, September 14, 2019

Rootstock, The Oak Orchard Farm to Table Dinner

This event has been worked on for many months by many people.
Thanks to all the volunteers, it went off without a hitch tonight.
Yesterday afternoon Gary went out to Partyka Farm to help with setting
up the tent, tables and chairs etc.  While the tent was being put up
a big tear appeared and they had to go back to Buffalo to get another one.  On top of
that, the winds were wild.  Needless to say, it was many hours 
after dark before it was back up.

One of Gary's duties today, was to pick up 40 flower arrangements from
Arjuna.  He had to make two trips because they were so huge.  
I went along on the second.  It was good to see Allison and her two assistants.
 By the time we got there, the major part of the work was done. A few people 
were finishing up the details and the flower arrangements pulled 
everything together.

 The woman on the right is Lora Partyka....she and her husband own the farm where the
event was held.  I can't imagine how many gazillion hours they put into preparing the place.
The three women on the left all work at the farm.
 And of course Mary, my partner in crime, was there helping.  
She is the Dental Manager at Oak Orchard.
 Gary is with the two Saras....who really put this all together.

 The bags that were used for favors were spectacular and filled with 
everything from apples to tooth brushes.

 Gary is here with Jeff Partyka, Laura's husband.
I don't think I know any two people who work harder than they do.
 It was really great to see Bob Ryan there, assisting Chef Guy.  Had not see him for a decade!
 And here is Chef Guy!
 They could not have done a better job!

 We got home just in time to get cleaned up and go back out for a 4 o'clock start.

 The guests were right on time.

 Three different musical groups performed.
 Many of our pals were there.

 We started off with an antipasto.

George S., Gary and the Tremblys....
 Ulpi and Margay...
 Dr. Chivari and Sara (who did all the major planning)....
 Terry C., always a great supporter of our community!
 Al, Brenda and Hanny
 The Andriaches...

 Heidi, Allan and ???????
 CEO - Mary and Pettibon  and her husband Tim...
 Gary had to give a speech (Chairman of the Board...old blue eyes).
 We were served salads and rolls (delicious)...

 and then it was time for the buffet.

 Everything was delicious.
 Laura and Jeff's family worked for days getting everything ready and and helped serve everyone.
I'm glad they finally sat down to eat!

 Jeff received an award deserving.

 There was a fundraising part to the evening and many people contributed.
 Dessert was a fruit compote with ice cream and a piece of pastry shaped like an oak leaf.
 Bill Andrews made a request while Chris Wilson was singing.....
he had played this at Summer Serenades and people were in tears.
It happened again tonight.

 Brenda T. was the MC and did a fine job.
 There was a beautiful sunset and on my way home
 the moon was very bright.

Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Lost for words!!!!! The floral arrangements in logs, the food, the entertainment, the anthem, and what a grand gathering. Please pass on my congrats to everyone, down here in NZ I do not think we have anything like this, truly amazing. The most I have done was a surprise birthday for Hugh, about 50 guests, and I had a LOT of help from family and friends, nothing as grand as this, but still a lot to do beforehand.