Sunday, September 15, 2019

Art in a Trunk-by Sue Savard

Chores as usual.

 We had rain last night and it took awhile for it to clear up
before it started raining.....again.

 I had a couple of meetings today.  One at 11:30 and one at 7.
In between, Gary and I went down to the Emily Knapp Museum 
for an art opening.
Not too long ago, Sue Savard and several others began to reorganize this Museum,
and while doing so, came across a trunk full of paintings.  They were painted by
 Sue wrote a book about Helen,
and for the past two days her work was exhibited.

 The volunteers at the Museum were very pleased with the turnout.

 The opening was over at 5 and we loaded the 19 easels into Gary's van,
as they were given to us by a local artist who is moving out of town.
We intend to loan them out to the Artist's Guild, Historical Society
or any organization that could use the for future shows.
 I had chore duty tonight.  It had rained part of the afternoon.

 I loved this candle at my second meeting.
Stronger together.
Night all.

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