Saturday, November 23, 2013


This morning I just knew the weather was too good to be true.
 After chores we put the 4 horses together

 and Moon was in the next pasture with some hay.  I felt sorry for her, but she seemed ok with it.

Maggie and Angel like the little ditch in the middle of the pasture and started pawing in the water.  Could not get my camera out in time to get a video.  Karen thought they were going down in the water, but they didn't.

 Angel was feeling her Cherrios.

By noon the temperature started to fall quickly and we had strong wind gusts and some snow.  I decided to put the girls in while I went down to the college for drumming.
 This 10 year old has been coming every Saturday and is so talented!  She is a friend of Jen's boys...wish they were interested.

The sun was out in Brockport and it was pitch black in the direction of our farm as I drove home.  What a difference from this morning.
 As soon as I got home the girls were turned out and I picked their stalls and reset them for the evening feed.  They are not used to being in for long periods of time so they had a chance to stretch.

 Berlin had no dex today and so far, has no hives.

They all got tucked in and are wearing their heavy blankets.  It's in the low teens now and feels like 0 with the high winds.  More of the same for tomorrow.

Fire time.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It got cold fast here too. In the teens tonight. Yeah, Berlin! I can't believe we might get snow tonight or tomorrow. Figures since I have to fly out of here tomorrow. I hate flying as it is but in snow or rain I especially get nervous. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

Val Ewing said...

Our thermometer broke. But the weather site said our area was about 11 with a wind chill.
You know I think if I really can't see the temp, I don't feel quite so cold.
Tonight we will be below zero.

Thank goodness for good insulated coveralls and insulated boots!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Brrrr. Glad there are no hives.

Nancy J said...

The sky photo tells of what is ahead, so glad the hives are missing for now, drummers drumming, and all happy together in one paddock. Keep warm in that cold spell. Greetings to all, Jean.

Anonymous said...

Glad the hives seem to be receding.

We're supposed to be very cold and windy today as well.

Anonymous said...

Too bad I could of not heard the drumming. It is only video right?

I enjoyed the horse feeling its oates or was showing off for you know who?