Friday, November 8, 2013

What Caused Berlin's Hives?

 While it looked like this at the farm, it was snowing in the village!

 I went out to the barn early as I could not wait to see if Berlin was hive free.
She was.
 Did chores.  The farrier came for Angel and Maggie.

Had an 11 o'clock appointment with the massage therapist.  Hot stones....can't beat um.

This afternoon the sun came out and it was gorgeous, but crisp.

 Did the pasture switch a little after 3.  Abbe really wanted to be with Maggie.

This is how Berlin looks tonight.
 Thanks to Feral Woman (a blogging friend) I may have figured out what has caused the hives on Berlin.  She thought it could be Neck Threadworms (onchocerca).  After doing a lot of reading, this is what I learned.  This filarial worm lives in the connective tissue of horses and is spread by gnats and midges.  Ivermectin will kill the larvae but not the adults (who can live up to 10 years...disgusting).  It is not detectable in fecals and is often mistaken for sweet itch.  There can be weeping lesions on the face and forehead (Berlin had this), hives, increased itching, bumps that drain and sores on the neck and belly.  Now what I need to do, is figure out how much Equimax I will have to give her and when.  Will consult the vet to make sure this is the right thing to do.  They can be kept comfortable, but those damn adults will remain in the horse.  I really think this could be what has happened to my sweet girl.

  One of Gary's college friends is here for many activities taking place this weekend.  They have been on the run all day and are still busy tonight.

They were home long enough for a good dinner.
Night all.


Dreaming said...

Fascinating (but gross)! It sure sounds like what Berlin has gone through. Yay, Feral!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I hope you have found the answer to the mystery hives -- and how gross those wormy things sound.

Birdman said...

Bit surprised. No blaze-orange blankets this time of year? Around here you might be putting your 'loves' in jeopardy.

Patrice said...

I would consider adding food grade diatomaceous earth to Berlin's feed. It kills worms mechanically, not with chemicals.There are many resources for use with animals on the internet. It may help.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad Berlin is looking so much better. We just wormed this morning with Equimax. Hope she continues to be hive free.

Beautiful skies.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I have never heard of those threadworms. Are the hives caused by emerging larvae? (yeuch) Do any of the other vermicides kill the adults? Moxidectin?
I will be very interested to see the outcome.