Monday, November 25, 2013

Still Coasting

We were slightly above freezing today.  Much nicer for the ponies.

 No dex and no hives for Berlin. 

 My two bookends are not that excited to be outside with their new haircuts.

 I got off the farm for a short time...big trip to Wegmans.
 Crazy skies on the way home.
 I'm back into a reading mode and spent much of the afternoon with my butt in the fire, glued to my book.
Evening chores sure take longer in the winter.

 We may get some bad weather starting tomorrow and ending on Wednesday.  Could mess things up for all the people traveling.

I had left the light on in Gary's barn when I unplugged the water trough.  Loved all the lines in the window.

 Is fracking an issue where you live? Without clean water we are in deep tapioca.

 Breakfast for dinner....Gary was on duty.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

Your skies surely tell of some real cold weather coming. Super meal, a good time to curl up with a book, and be cosy and warm by the fire. Greetings from Jean

Dreaming said...

Stay warm! I hope the big storm doesn't happen. What a mess it could make.

Val Ewing said...

Fracking is debated here also. As well as shipping it by rail...where they load it, it is quite dusty and they are now just addressing that issue.

Colder does make for longer chore times.

I hope you don't get that big storm, I hear it could be a doozy.

Sharon Creech said...

Your chores--so much harder in the cold--brrrrr. Kudos to you for keeping up. xx