Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nutty Buddies and Muddy Buddies

Somehow I managed to sleep until least we remembered to change all the clocks.
It was 30 degrees when I got out to the barn...probably colder than that last night.

 Dave helped Karen and me with chores again....very nice.

 After he left, Karen rode Angel and my camera batteries were dead (maybe too cold) so no pictures.  Once again a hackamore was used and she could not have been more relaxed or perfect. 
 I was inspired to go out and buy more batteries and ran a couple of errands.
Other than raking up a gazillion willow branches...I had a pretty relaxed afternoon.

Did the pasture switch at 4.

Maggie and Angel are wearing a couple of my Rambos as their blankets have not arrived from Florida yet.  They are a little big, but better than freezing.  The high was 33.

 I started on dinner and made the mistake of sitting down in front of the fire.  Could have slept through chores.
 Gary was splitting wood....
 and my assistants came out with me.

 All the horses had rolled and were full of mud.  Clean up time tomorrow morning when they have dried off.  Berlin's hives are not getting worse.  Maybe the frost and cold weather is making a difference.
 Tucked them in and the sun was just starting to set.

Could go down to the high teens tonight...23 in the morning.
 Dinner was delish.
 Romaine topped with bean salad, meatloaf topped with extra sharp cheddar cheese and baked potatoes.

 Sidney and I are going to hang out by the fire when I finish this post.
Night all.
After all that talk, it did not snow this morning.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

We are headed into colder weather here but not as cold as you. We hit the mid-50s today. No rain yet but a lot of clouds.

Our photos said...

Beautiful photos!
Greetings, RW & SK

Anonymous said...

We are not as cold as you (yet) but have the same generous amounts of mud slathered on horses.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I can't believe how cold it got last night. It's 30 this morning. That's a big change in a day. From almost 70 to 30. Luckily we don't have any muddy horses to clean just a lot of burrs to remove from tails and manes.

Dinner looked good. I'll have to try the cheddar on meatloaf , maybe tonight...

Val Ewing said...

We had quite a frost the night before. It was 23 when I got up and still frosty when I fed the hounds.

Their water bowls had ice on them!

Last night was mild, thank goodness...but very windy.

Monika Borua said...

Very good system for preventing the animals form cold.


Michelle said...

Nice to see your assistants are on the job :)