Monday, November 11, 2013

Don't Let a Beautiful Sunrise Fool You

 It sure turned into one ugmo day.

 Same old same old this morning.  All the pastures were picked.
 Grey and blah out there.

Ran several errands and went to Agape for a workout.
 This afternoon it started to rain and the horses were getting soaked.  Abbe had rolled in the indoor....Berlin too.  Swept the sand off their blankets and had to change Abbe's.  Put them in a little after 3 and fed at 5.  Of course they had all done some serious damage to their hay nets and water so I gave them a little more.
 Last night and this morning Berlin did not eat all of her grain.  Washed out her feeder and tonight she seemed more interested.  I do believe her hives are going down and she has had no meds since last Wednesday.  Doesn't she look a little better?

 I took off Angel and Maggie's blankets as they were too wet (insides were dry tho).  They just don't go in their run-in.

 Pretty soon we will have a ton of dirty blankets....but the girls will be warm!

 Tonight we are supposed to get snow, then several days with cold but sunny conditions.

Dinner?  A simple salad and some pasta with our garden veggie sauce.

Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Gray,cold and windy here today. Might get snow or not. They don't know. Berlin does look better. Hope the meds worked this time.

Dreaming said...

Brrrrr.... your pictures made me shiver.

Dreaming said...

Brrrrr.... your pictures made me shiver.

Nancy J said...

No snow here( only about once every 50 years!!) but we will have 5C tonight and a cold southerly wind right now . Hope Berlin continues to stay OK. Beautiful morning sky photos, that cold brings out some stunning colours, and you were right there. Greetings, jean.

Michaele said...

Those coats look so warm. Wish I had one for everyone here. Bitter cold this morning.