Saturday, November 16, 2013

Did We Reach Sixty?

Today was spent on the homefront...except for a quick trip to buy shavings that were on sale at Country Max (which is right down the road).

It was very sunny this morning, but no dramatic skies.  Warmed up enough to take the sheets off the horses.  Of course they all had to roll.

The pastures got picked.  Grass is fading big time.

 I puttered around the house and did a little reading.  Managed to clear off the back porch for the winter....Gary finished moving all the leaves to the gardens.
Called the girls in for the pasture switch.  Berlin still has some hives, but not as many as before.  Feel like I am in limbo at the moment, but she is eating and not acting itchy.  Is it going to take yet another tube of ivermectin, or have I missed the boat on what could be wrong?  She has not had any dex since a week ago Wednesday.  This warm up is probably not the best thing.

 Yesterday I managed to drag the indoor.
 When I went out to tuck the girls in, the moon was spectacular.  If it's not one end of the day, it's the other.

Night all.
Sleep tight.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

I thought of you today when the vet was out. He said some horses get hives the first few years they are here, adjusting to all the different plants. Of course, there is no way that could be Berlin's issue. She's lived at Skoog Farm for a lot more than a few years.

Nancy said...

busy busy -- enjoyed your shots of your day Lori. :)

Dreaming said...

Your moon is/was beautiful!
It sounds like you had a great day!