Saturday, December 1, 2012

It Stuck....

 This is the first morning there was snow on the ground.
 Ironically, the temperature is going to be in the 50s and up to 60 for the next 3 days.
 I'll take it.

Before drumming I went to the bank and down to Brockport for a little browsing at Country Treasures.  So cozy and non glitzy...old fashioned.
 The place was full of Christmas spirit.
 Bought a couple of things and went over to the college to spend the afternoon with the gang.
Today there were about 10 college students there trying to make up classes they have missed.
I don't think they could believe that I would do this for 3 or 4 years (3 hours every Saturday from September to June) for pleasure.  One of them said that I should get a certificate!  They just don't get it.  We (community people, some of whom are old enough to be their grand-parents) absolutely love what we get from drumming...pure pleasure and a great sense of community.  Not to mention working with one of the best drummers in the country.  They were all nervous about taking their drumming finals next week.

 (This is the top of my djembe)
 Below you can hear the bass parts before we came in...

Had to hit Wegmans on the way home and then went out to do chores.

 Boy, are these ponies going to love getting their coats off tomorrow.

 Made a fresh salad and had leftovers for dinner.

 Tasted just as good as it did yesterday.
And now, I am ready to watch the last DVD of season 4....."Damages."  How will I ever be able to wait for season 5 to be available through Netflix?
Night all.


Terry said...

The shop looks charming, and dinner looks good again.

Nancy J said...

Snow and a Quilt Shop.!! My idea of bliss. Lovely photos, I'm sure your girls would be glad of the warm barn overnight. Cheers from Jean

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

All your photos are good. I especially like the candle! And always the food. You make me hungry!

Martine said...

I often think leftovers taste better, especially if it's something like a stew or a casserole - the flavours come out more overnight!

Buttons Thoughts said...

I want to go to Brockport and drum. B

IsobelleGoLightly said...

All that snow is gone now. Rain and warm! My lady doesn't know what to do with Number Bumber and his clothes. One minute he's in his lightest winter coat, then he's in his medium rain coat and then his jammies. Hee hee

Michaele said...

Lovely snow. Now that it is December, I wouldn't mind seeing more of it here.