Thursday, December 6, 2012

X Marks the Spot

 Rise and shine....people.

 After a brilliant sunrise, it was chore time.


 A very busy day.  Two chorus performances preceded by lunch at the Crooked Door.

 After that, our first stop was at a place called The Villages in Albion.  It's a nursing home and we sang in a new venue that had amazing acoustics.  One of our best performances ever.
Doing something like this for "community" is very worthwhile and we were the highlight of the day for so many.  Getting involved at some level is good for the soul.  Do you participate in some way?
Although it is much easier to record drumming, here is a short example of one of our songs.

I don't know how many members were here today but our total is around 60 when everyone shows.
 Santa came along and spoke to every single person.

 A therapy dog was visiting at the same time.
 From there we drove back to Brockport and performed at Beikirch Nursing Home.
Some of us were tired before we even started.
 Santa joined us there too.
 Did not get home until after 4:30.  Soon it was chore time.

 Tucked those girlies in and was ready for a nap.
 Night all.


Karen said...

A wonderful post, Lori. . .

Fantastic sky photos They calm the soul. (I was looking for the "X")

I thoroughly enjoyed the audios. The gentleman in the first one has a very nice comforting voice!

Rest well.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

It must get dark a bit later at your place. We lose daylight right around 4:30.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos of lovely horses. I'm fond of horses. I find a lot of fun in spending time and effort in giving them good horsemanship. The process is really painful yet it is also worthwhile.

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

The colors! I love the colors! Photo number four with the color and branches. The Best!
Where Do you get the energy? So much packed into one day. You must be a huge asset to your community. I'm sure that all your time is deeply appreciated! You are an inspiration!
I am volunteer firefighter and you are so right about it making you feel good about helping the community is some way.

Martine said...

What time are sunrise & sunset? Just wondering! One of the things I hate about winter in Ireland is the late sunrise and early sunset - here we get at least an extra hour of daylight! I used to hate doing the yard work in the dark.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I am certainly rising and I am not sure about the shining yet:) Have a nice weekend my friend. Hug B

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful skies and a busy day. It's so nice that your group takes the time to visit the community. I'm sure everyone enjoyed their entertainment. Hope you have a good sleep you deserve it.

Michaele said...

What a nice day. Must have felt so good to bring joy to so many.

MTWaggin said...

How lovely to have such an amazing sunset to start out an equally amazing day! All of it looked like fun!

Birdman said...

Were the horses caroling?