Monday, December 3, 2012

Who Needs a Jacket?

 Nothing too exciting this morning weatherwise, but it sure developed into a nice day.

 After chores I went to Agape.  Making a big effort to build up my stamina on the eliptical...burn off some cals and very aerobic.
 From there I went over to the hospital lab for some blood work (every 6 months...routine).
 Then, picked up a couple slices of pizza and was off to....
 Was feeling pretty drab so I highlighted my hair this afternoon.  It helped.
 By then, the sun was out and it must have been in the high 50s.  A dandelion????  December 3rd????  The pooches and I went for a short walk.

 Made me laugh to see our shovels ready and waiting for snow.

Out to do chores at 5.
 Surprise, surprise...Berlin and Abbe rolled.

 Tucked them in...cleaned them up....

 and went back in...
 for dinner.

We are coleslaw fans. and red cabbage, a little onion, one gigantic carrot, craisons and one apple.  Tossed it with cider vinegar, sugar and celery salt, then added a little mayo.
Try it.
 Served it with some baked chicken legs and caramelized carrots.
Banana cream pie later.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

Snow shovels and night sky, lovely end to a day.lovely salad too. Cheers from Jean

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

Oh, I always say this, but you always have the best looking food on your blog! One of these days I am going to knock on your door at supper time :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It felt more like March here today--You just about didn't need a jacket here either.

Wegmans is all ready for the holidays here too--They really have some great baked goods!!

Terry said...

I still cannot get over how shiny Berlin is. Must be the mud baths.

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

I love your tree branches.
Looks like the girls enjoyed the sun and had a good roll!

Gayle said...

There is a 90 degree difference between our two towns.... your 50* to my -40*. Crazy isn't it? I wouldn't mind seeing a dandelion right now and usually I am complaining about them. LOL

thecrazysheeplady said...

This weather is really crazy. Love the snow shovels sitting out :-D.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I'm laughing... Working out to burn calories and then getting pizza. That's my kind of math!

Two French Bulldogs said...

No jackets needed on that day
Benny & Lily

aurora said...

What a nice day, well, except for the blood drawing part. Great barn shot, I love older barns! You keep those shovels out, then it won't snow - at least for a while. WI set a record yesterday in the high 60's...weird. I wrote your slaw ingredients down to try making it, sounds good!

Cloudia said...

Happy Aloha from Honolulu, Skoogy
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