Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't Read This If You are Hungry....

 This was the last day for Lunch at Reflections, the student run restaurant at Monroe Community College.  Sally, Judy, Deb and I went in for some French Cuisine.
 Sally read us the menu.
 It sounded good except for a couple things...(I don't do sea food).
 This is what we had....

 Amuse:  escargot en croute:  snails in a garlic sauce served over puffed pastry & sauteed spinach.
 Mine (above) was done with mushrooms, theirs with snails.

 First Course:  veal consomme with slow braised oxtail.

 Second Course:  seared codfish with roasted exotic mushrooms and hazelnut butter, served with a fennel and orange salad.
I had veggies with it....
 the others had the codfish.

 Third Course:  beef bourguignon with celeriac mash (outstanding!).

 Fourth Course:  oeufs a la neige with poached pear and sweetened chevre.
(Off the charts).
 Home a little before three.  We had a great time.

Next on the agenda....First Friday at the Alumni House.

 Tonight the food was prepared by Carrie Maziarz of Canal Town Catering...a very generous donation from a good friend...and boy was it good.
  Fried ravioli with a dipping sauce.

 cheese and grapes....

 (stuffed mushrooms from Java)

 apple/sausage with roasted brussel sprouts

 green apple salsa and chips...

 turkey/roast beef and portabella mushroom wraps

 Tons of people were there.

Home a little after 5:30 and the girls were waiting for me.

 The usual food and tuck in....

 Gucci and Phoebe helped.
Night all.


  1. I'm always hungry. Your post made my stomach growl. I love French food and seafood.

  2. You're Lori. Now I'm really hungry.

  3. What a great and very comprehensive feast!! The students must be very happy with so many appreciative comments. Cheers from Jean

  4. horses/food/food/horses. Does it get any better? No!

  5. The food looks amazing! Fried Ravioli? I must look that one up, sounds like great finger-food.
    I'm with you on seafood. I've tried, oh I've tried, but it just does nothing for me. Just give me the veg, I'll be fine!

  6. Oh I truly should have listened to the title DRAT I am really hungry now:)
    Your horses are so beautiful. Hug B

  7. As a professional chef, French is my specialty. Looks good!

  8. wow! I Am hungry but you know me, given what you wrote just made me want to look all the more. & I'll have what you had Lori-everything looks SO good.

  9. YUM there are some majorly fabulous cooks out there (including you).

  10. Did you take a nap after that lunch? It all looks so wonderful. And I love your dogs.

  11. First time in my life I leaned in to smell my laptop screen....

    that looks WONDERFUL!!!


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