Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thar She Blows....

 Mama!  Could you please step things up?
 Not a bad start to the day...slept through the night again and it was pretty quiet outside.
 Managed to do a couple loads of wash and changed the sheets on our bed, but for the most buddies and I took it easy waiting for the change in the weather.

 Right at chore time the wind kicked up and the snow was blowing like crazy.
 Tucked those babies in and was on my way back to the house in no time.

 We don't have a garage and I wanted to move my car to a more protected spot by the needed to face the opposite direction.  But no!!!!! It would not start.  Waiting until tomorrow morning to get it going.

I had started on dinner (breakfast) before going out to the barn, and Gary got the eggs scrambled when I came it.  Just what the Doctor ordered.
 Now the snow is coming down parallel to the ground.  It's going to get crazy.

Wait 'til you see what it looks like tomorrow morning!
Night all.


MTWaggin said...

That green eyed kitty picture is so lovely and breakfast for dinner is my favorite. Glad you are getting better but don't push it too hard!

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

The best time of day for breakfast is at supper time!

Nancy J said...

I think tomorrow will be very different. Lovely nightime shots, the girls and feline family all know where to keep warm. Take care, Greetings from Jean

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Clear and cold here tonight. Sounds better than dealing with sideways snow.

Brett said...

Glad you're starting to feel a little better. Annette and I have breakfast for dinner quite often; and like Gary, I am in charge of scrambling the eggs. I really like that "header" shot of Abbe. I'll take a post card of that anytime.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shots you have here. The horses
, the cats, the dog, and everything surround you looks like very excited for the weather to change. Hope everybody is safe and keep warm this holiday. Merry Christmas.

Val Ewing said...

Oh what a storm! I hope you are able to dig out easily.
Stay safe and warm.

Mary said...

Ooooo! It looks so COLD! :) But your animals look warm and happy and comfy. And i must say.. breakfast looks yummy. I can (almost) smell it... Stay safe in the storm!