Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Catch Up

 Tina brought her famous Haffie cookies to class yesterday.
 No cookie satisfies me more!  So delicious.
 All were working on different projects, and it was our last meeting until January 9th.

  A nice sunrise this morning.  The fresh air kept me moving.

 The light on the back porch made Seymour and Sophie glow.

 Last night I coughed so much I only got about 1 hour of sleep.  Time to go see the Doctor and fortunately there was a 9:30 slot available so I got right in.  First Gary (who is on the mend), and now me.  What a totally uncomfortable drag.  I have never had a cold like this in my life!  We have both placed ourselves in solitary....  Yesterday morning I felt fine and took a major dive after that.
 Do you ever take a steamer?  I have been doing it several times today and convinced Gary to give it a shot.  Can you see him under that towel?
 While we were resting by the fire (listening to our current audio book), our friend Carol stopped in with a box of goodies.  Chicken soup, pumpkin bread, oranges, cookies, crackers and 7-up.  Talk about being taken care of by a good friend!

 Then back in for that yummy dinner.  Perfect.
I need some shuteye.
Night all.


Michaele said...

What a very thoughtful friend! Sorry you are sick. Sounds miserable. Get some good rest. Love your new header photo!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Feel better.

Xtreme English said...

So sorry to read you've been so sick with that lousy cold! and how fortunate you have a friend who brought you chicken soup, cookies, etc. TLC works better than penicillin.

get better!!

Dreaming said...

I do hope you sleep well tonight.
You know that I love the Haffie cookies... Oh my!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful friend. How lucky you are to have such thoughtful friend. Get well soon, Christmas is hand.

MTWaggin said...

The cookies do look yummy and I love all the projects everyone is working on. That cold of yours really is hanging on, hope the doc had some suggestions and not just "go home and rest more" - LOL. I have done steamers but since I have a vaporizer in my bedroom every night now anyway don't use them as much unless I'm sick (and put some Vick's in them too).

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look amazing.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Those cookies!!! Wish you all would get to feeling better.

Xtreme English said...

It's Thursday now....checking in to see how you are. Hopefully LOTS BETTER!! M.E.

Terry said...

Lori, I'm so sorry you and Gary are poorly. I've never done the steam towel treatment, but I've started using a "Neti" or sinus pot after sweeping out the barn, moving hay, etc. I was having really bad sinus headaches, and the pot has helped.