Friday, September 7, 2012


 Chores as usual...Abbe is gimpy again.


 Decided to go swimming instead of to Agape.

 Brought a basket of veggies to Tina and Roger.
 DJ always looks gorgeous....
 Did chores early so I could make an appearance at Gary's First Friday.
 The later it got, the muggier it got.
 Today they dedicated the gardens that were funded by the Sweetings.  I took one shot and my battery died.  The turnout was excellent.
Went from there to Northampton Park for a picnic put on by the Brockport Teachers Association.
Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

That's a lot of mowing -- looks great! I hope Abbe is better in the morning. ...and I am on a mission!

Brett said...

The lawn looks gorgeous Lori. Wish mine looked that good.