Monday, September 10, 2012


In our area, the temperature was in the low 40s by morning.
 But it was bright and beautiful.  This was my view from the kitchen window.
 I think the ponies have been sleeping in the indoor at night.  
They sure did not make a mess in the run-in.

 Did it look like this where you live?
 Gas prices are going through the roof around here.  Near $4 per gallon here and over that 20 miles to the west.  When I get in my car, do as many things as possible in one loop.  Dropped Gary off at Java, went to Agape, picked up Gary and a college parking tag for the van.....
 stopped at Country Max for some grain and bedding...
 filled up our water jugs at the town garage and finally got home for lunch. 
 Picked a ton of tomatoes first.

Had a teeth cleaning appointment in Batavia at 2:30, so I was not home for long.
 I had a craving for pizza today, so on my return trip I stopped at Ralph and Rosies....
 in Bergen and bought four slices with sweet sauce.
 Gary had physical therapy this afternoon and has really made progress.  Hopefully (when he sees the Doctor in a couple days) he will be able to dump the boot and start driving.  What a long ordeal.
There is a lot of therapy in his future.

I started chores before he got home.

 Then it was time to eat.
Night all.


Michelle said...

I do like your view from the kitchen window.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Gas is well above $4 a gallon here and has been forever. We are closing in on $4.50. Another thunder shower today. Still very warm and muggy. Your cold nights sound divine. I think I am going to dream of pizza tonight.