Saturday, September 8, 2012


 After chores the weather started to change...rain was on the way and there was a Peddler's Market down at the Morgan Manning House that was getting pounded.  Our friend Judy organized an ART TENT with the work of 14 artists and in spite of the weather, a lot of it was sold before we even got there.  Unfortunately, many of the vendors closed up shop.  Of course it stopped raining and now the sun is out.

 There is a Carriage House on the property and each year they have a "Junque" sale inside.   That stayed open until 3pm and people were lined up to pay for their finds.
 This was Mary Pat's gig and she got soaked right off the bat.
 We had purchased tickets from Jenny for a Chicken BBQ and picked up several "dinners" for lunch.
 Had a little family get together for Coop's birthday.

 He wanted brownies, not a cake.  He'll have something more special at his party with friends next weekend.
 Grampa Tom was visiting from was nice to catch up with him and the boys love
to have him come to Brockport.

After that I went to drumming....late.  As usual, it was a real workout.

 The weather had improved quite a bit when I left around 4:30.
 Home in time to do tired.

Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

I'd pick brownies over cake too!

Inger said...

You may be tired, but you are living a great life that I for one love to read about and be inspired by. Hope you had a good night's rest.

Jim said...

Are you tired? lol
What a full day you put in, Lori! Bet you had a good night's sleep.
That art show looked wonder everything sold out.
Now the cake, YUM!
Have a great Sunday Lori.

Michaele said...

It's a good tired : ) Love your header shot!

Anonymous said...

We sell Chuck's wood turnings at the Market Square Farmer's Market every Saturday, and yesterday the sky just opened up on us with a real down pour. Luckily we were able to get the pieces packed before anything got wet. :)