Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 After chores I got cleaned up and went down to chorus.  There are almost 60 of us this year.

 Most of us signed up for a chicken bbq downstairs at the Senior Center....they had entertainment that was fantastic.  Such fun, singing with them.

 They started making music in 1982.  Apparently many of them were just divorced, so they got together and called themselves "Group Therapy."


 Picked pastures under beautiful skies...

 Finished chores...
 and we were off to a store in Brockport called "Fountain of Youth Organics."
 They were participating in the NY Locavore Challenge and had an open house offering all kinds of tastings...local and organic.
 Look who was there!  I don't even have to tell you her name anymore!

 A local pizza shop provided organic pizza.
 Gary loved it. 
We bought some fettucini from "Flour City Pasta."  
On the 30th we are going to participate in a statewide potluck supper where 
everything we eat is supposed to be local.  Farm to table is the way to go.
Night all.

PS - I just may have the opportunity to meet another blogging friend from Colorado
in early October!  Can't wait.  She's coming back to the area for a class reunion.


Birdman said...

We all need some MT from time to time... and music makes it twice as nice.

Carol said...

Loved 'Mental Therapy'. How great that they've been playing together for forty years.
Looks like a great day.

Gayle said...

Farm to table is fun. I was saying today that growing onions isn't cheaper than Sam's Club, but it's fun to know they are mine.

How fun to meet another blogger. Maybe someday I will get to as well.

Dreaming said...

*Grin* I can't wait for the visit, either!
I feel like I will be visiting a movie set.... I've seen the scenes in pictures - and when I visit I can see it all in 'real life'!

Unknown said...

I found that having a 'blogmeet' is rather like meeting a character from a book (say Mr. Pickwick or Peter Whimsey) and finding that the people you meet are just like the book characters you already know.
Generally speaking it's great fun and well worth the effort.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh, you lucky dog! Have fun :-D. We've cooled down here too. Whew!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I loved the name 'Mental Therapy!' It looks like your day was full of lots of great therapy both in mind and stomach--That pizza looks amazing!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Like the Mental Therapy name. That pizza looks delicious too. We seem to be steering to more organic lately too. Your statewide potluck should be awesome.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Farm to table is absolutely the way to go!

Terry said...

I'm with Gary - that pizza looks fabulous!

sandy said...

I've been enjoying my trip back through your recent archives. I always love to come here - just don't have the time much anymore.

Hope all is well - I see you got to spend time with your friend from Colorado.