Friday, September 21, 2012


After chores I dropped off some eggplant and a book at my friend Judy's and was
greeted by this morning glory.

Hit Wegmans next.  They are going nuts with their cupcake decorations...I think my next door neighbor is doing this (for them).
This afternoon the sun came out so I put the masks on the ponies.  
Seymour was hiding out in one of the run-ins.

Of course Phoebe and Gucci went with me.

When I got back in the house I started working on a pizza to take down to Sara and Jim.
She took good care of me after my surgery, now it is my turn.

peppers and mushrooms....

Delivered it along with a salad and dessert around 4:30 so she could bake it whenever.....

In the meantime, Seymour finished his snooze in the house.  Put him back outside when I went out
to do evening chores....spoiled kitty.

This morning two box seat tickets were given to us for a performance at the
Eastman Theatre...The Harlem Gospel Choir.  The sunset was gorgeous as we
drove into Rochester.

 Can't resist taking pictures of this beautiful piece whenever we go there.

 Did you ever go to a fabulous venue with outstanding performers and the sound was way too loud?
That happened tonight.  The first band (blues and gospel) was at such a high frequency your eardrums were ready to pop and it was impossible to understand one word when they were singing.  In a facility of this quality, I can't believe they would let this happen.

When the Harlem group came out it was somewhat better.  What an accomplished, high energy ensemble.  They really got the audience to participate.  At the end, they asked if it was anyone's birthday and 5 women went up on the stage while they performed "Celebration."  It was
quite a scene.

What a nice surprise, getting those tickets.
Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

Looks like beautiful day out your way. We are in Paso Robles and Brett is not doing well. Pain and fever. I tried to cancel this trip but he wouldn't let me. Stubborn Swede!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Another lovely day from start to finish--I don't know how you make time for everything, and I admire you for being able too!

Enjoy your Saturday!

fromsophiesview said...

Love the shadow pics....what a treat to go out on the town...sorry the sound was ear-shocking....the morning glory and clover pics help to sweeten the complete day. Pizza...did you make a pizza? Time to go get a pizza in our fave place in Hfx...later gator!

Terry said...

I miss morning glories! Dang, there's so much that won't grow here. It's a pleasure to visit other blogs and see the flowers.

I haven't been to a concert that's too loud, but movies can be terribly loud.