Sunday, September 16, 2012


 When I got out to the paddock, Berlin was sleeping in the sun behind the tack room and
her buddy was out in the grass.
 As usual, Abbe was trying to rush me.
 I continued picking the big pasture this morning with the assistance of Sidney.

The usual Sunday morning routine.  Java and the market.
There was Mary Pat, just waiting to have her picture taken.
 We were checking out the beautiful fencing placed around the tree in front of
Fountain of Youth Organics.  A group of hard workers planted flowers around all the trees on Main Street, but they never do well unprotected.  THIS would work and it looks great.  The owners of the shop have set the bar high and I sure hope the rest of Main Street will follow their lead. 
 Gary went in to Java for coffee and I strolled over to the market.

 Mowed the lawn and the lane when we got home.

 Abbe lost her mask again.
 At 5 there was a picnic at the Welcome Center for all the people who volunteered this year.
 I sat next to a woman who had a knee replacement 3 years ago...she is in two zumba classes
and rides her bike everyday.  Music to my ears.
 A beautiful sunset on the way home.

 The girls were ready for their dinner.
Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

Mary Pat is wearing a sweatshirt! I'm jealous.
You'll get there with your knee, it just takes time. Lots of time. :)

Nancy J said...

Are those fancy green speckled gourds? The grass is growing so fast at your place, it looks very lush indeed, and as always great vege stalls. Cheers from Jean.

Gayle said...

The fence looks very nice. Maybe some others will be encouraged to accept the expense. Looks like you are still have lovely weather.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Like what they did with the fencing and flowers on the street. That should keep them protected.

Abbe and Berlin look very well fed. They must be like our herd always looking for food of some kind, as if they've never eaten before.

Glad you got some encouragement from the volunteer who had a replacement. It does get better. Just takes time like everything else in life.

Terry said...

Beautiful light.
So glad you're feeling encouraged about the knee.