Saturday, September 29, 2012


 It was not an unusual morning at the beginning....
 Chores as usual.
 Waited 'til the grass dried and started mowing the lawn.  We are getting ready for the "locavore" pot luck party tomorrow and thought it would be nice to get things in ship shape.  Was cruising along on the rider, mowing around a garden when the front wheel went off the grass and I BROKE THE RIGHT ROD that keeps the wheel straight!  Beautiful!  They can't pick it up until Monday and I am going to have a sweet bill.  My fault.  Gary said I am hard on man and machines and he is right!
I was going to use that lawn tractor to pull the farm wagon over to the indoor (we are putting the food on it for the dinner).  So (I should have taken pictures) Gary got out a heavy rope and we tied it to the back of my Escape...he put another rope on the tongue so he could turn it.  Man, was that slick.  We got it over there and pushed it inside by hand.  Then, we moved lots of chairs and other things into the building and gave up for the day.

I took him over to The Depot for a birthday treat.
 We have not been there in ages and our lunch was outstanding.  Everytime we have eaten there, I order the spinach salad which comes with a homemade muffin.  Gary had a Monte Cristo.  So good.

 When we got home I started working on flowers for the tables.

 Decided to roast some red peppers today instead of waiting until the last minute.

 Evening chores....

 then out to the garden, where Gary was pulling out some of the plants.
 Just might make some fried green tomatoes tomorrow.

 Except for grape tomatoes, this about does it for the season.  We made out like bandits this year.
 Gary worked 'til dark and it looks a lot better.
 Was very happy to have a fire going this afternoon and evening.
 Finished the peppers and grabbed whatever for dinner.

 Tomorrow about 45 people are coming to dinner...too cold to have it in the paddock so we are getting things set up in the indoor.  The whole point is for 5000 people in New York State to participate in a pot luck meal where the ingredients are local, fresh and organic.  We are doing our best to come up with a fine feed.  Ummmmmm....squash rolls, roasted veggies, tomato tart, veggie strata, terrine, pickled beets, roasted red peppers, local cheeses,  apple/squash casserole, squash soup, tomato/cheese/basil soup, salads, meatballs with a goat cheese sauce, chicken and mushrooms, eggplant parm,  potatoes with cabbage, pasta and veggies, pumpkin pies, apple crisp....and more.  I will be taking lots of pictures for you to drool over.
Night all.


thecrazysheeplady said...

That Gary... ;-)

Cloudia said...

sorry you are burning off karma! but think of that beautiful produce you will be enjoying. Thanks for your kind visits, Lori

Aloha from Honolulu,

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Nancy J said...

Your meal sounds delicious, and as for the mower accident, well sometimes things just happen.Lovely flowers, they will add to the goodies and make it all a truly wonderful occasion. Cheers from Jean .

Anonymous said...

What beautiful horse shots!

Birdman said...

We fired up the woodstove too yesterday. First time since April. I think summer is REALLY done. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Jo said...

Hi Lori, you all work so hard a little mower damage is not so bad! I love the sound of people getting together in different places for a feast on local fare. As a vegetarian I'd be spoiled for choice at your feast! Have a great time. (((Hugs))) Jo

allhorsestuff said...

Yea Lori!!!
Look at you go! Fantastic thing to do, that Locavore Challenge, how cool is that!!!

Thinking about you right now...I know you're preparing. Can't wait to see and hear more ~on the whole affair!

P.S. chuckled about you being hard on men and machines!

Terry said...

You hot rod, you!
The Locavore event will be amazing, what with your farm and flowers, and all the food.

Gayle said...

What a fun event to be a part of. A lady down by Kenai (I think) did an eat local experiment for a week. She ended up losing a ton of weight! She went 100% local right down to spreads, seasonings, how it was cooked so I think she probably had some pretty boring, bland meals (not to many butter/cheese/oil producers here... LOL) I would participate in something like what you did. Just looks fun.