Saturday, September 15, 2012


 Another crispy morning.  I loved it.
 After chores I picked the big pasture.
 Then I picked some tomatoes for Barb, who was coming to get a load of her hay.
(We store it in our barn).

 Gary went for coffee and then to work the Alumni Tent at the college's homecoming football game.
They actually give hot dogs, chips and drinks (free) to anyone who walks by.  Great PR move.
I stayed home and mowed the big pasture.  
Decided not to go to drumming as I had to do chores early.

 Gary had to attend a dinner at the college and I went with Jenny out to the Oak Orchard Yacht Club.
 We drove down the parkway....beautiful scenery.
 Today our friends, Carrie and Pete were renewing their vows.

 They got married 16 years ago.

 Pete is a chemist and Carrie has a catering business.  She worked at this Yacht Club all summer long preparing phenomenal food (Friday and Saturday nights only) with Pete's help. 
 Hard work.  Lucky customers.
 This was the meal prepared for us tonight.

 Their son Joey is one of the most photogenic kids I have ever met.

 James had been at Fort Drum and was able to get there just after the ceremony was over.
A great surprise.
 Son Peter, was the family photographer.

 I almost forgot....we had all kinds of great appetizers.

 Carrie is very innovative and she presents her food beautifully.

 They were so happy and had a great time surrounded by family and friends.

 Pete posed for me....lookin' like the old days.

 A little YMCA action....
 loaded with laughs.

 We sat with Big Mike.  He took good care of us.

Tired (again).
Night all.

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