Sunday, September 8, 2019

Westside Dems Score Big-Part 1 of a 2 part post

What a great event!
This afternoon the Westside Dems held a BBQ at the Ski Lodge in Northampton Park.
It was a joint fundraiser/rally and 90 of our best friends showed up in support of our campaigns.
It could not have been better!  Great turnout, great food and good messages from all the candidates.
Unfortuantely many had dinners to go and did not make the photo.
Several of us got there early and we transformed the space.

 There were plenty of Skoog and Rich t-shirts.....
 Lucky Scott was also given a LoBracco t-shirt.  He likes to stand out in a crowd!

 By 12:15 we were ready to eat and the candidates served all of our guests.
 Adam Bello was there....he is running for County Executive and I loved his message.

 I was the MC and all of the candidates gave short talks.
Patty K. (who went nuts handling the moola) spoke about how much it costs to run a campaign.
An opener to people who have never done this.
 Theresa is running for Town Supervisor in Clarkson.

 Sheldon and Tom are running for Clarkson Town Board.

 Karen and JW are running for County Legislature.

 US Congressman Joe Morelle joined us and said a few words.
When Louise Slaughter died, he ended up in her position.
A great representative for our area, with years of experience at the State level.
He is a friend and we have been supporting him for many, many years.
 He said something about JW...that I have to share.
Joe ran for County Leg when he was 24....now JW is doing the same at the same age.
Joe said when he ran he did not have a fancy name like JW....and he wondered if that stands for

 Mike R. came out from the County Democratic headquarters and brought this terrific sign.
We had a lot of fun taking pictures with it.

 (This is JW's Grandmother.... Sara C......one of his biggest fans).

I could not have been happier with the event.
Very grateful for all the support.
The Westside Dems work very well together.

Night all.

The rest of my day is in Part 2, below this post.


  1. A super event, great sign and so many faces to fit in, what a grand gathering.

  2. Another great event and I loved the signs and faces. You're a shoe in!


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