Friday, September 21, 2018

Progress All Around

An unusual day that ended with Tornado warnings nearby.

 The sun was out and we had wind for most of the day.

 I made a quick trip to Wegmans and made some chicken salad for tomorrow night's dinner.  Our friend Helen (from Scotland) is visiting her sister and she will be spending
a couple of days with us.  We will be picking raspberries and making rhubarb pies for her to take to Glen Darach (Andrea's).  It has become a tradition.  Tomorrow we will make some sauce and spend some time playing my two baritone ukuleles....
lots of singing.

 Today Steve and Corey finished the south side of the indoor and started on 
the East side.  Moving right along!
 Gary spent more time clearing everything away from the bottom of the barn.
 Around 5:30 I took the pups out for a stroll and the sky was gorgeous.

 Gary has started getting his garlic organized for planting.

 A little before 6 we had high winds and a very heavy downpour.
When the rain stopped, the wind was blowing water off the trees
and it looked like it was still coming down.
After I finished making the chicken salad I threw what was left in a pot with
onion, celery and carrots and made some great stock....which I turned into soup.
It was hot and muggy outside, but cool enough in the house to have it for dinner.
 Apples, cheddar cheese and crackers on the side.
 Earlier today my friend Doug stopped over to help set up my 
new amp and microphone.
He is a pro and explained everything so I would know what I'm doing.
I spent a couple hours messing around...such fun.
Usually I am harmonizing, but tonight I spent the most time on two very
sweet songs.  "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and "Rainbow Connection."
Both are great for the ukulele. 
 Off duty now.
Night all.

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  1. Love the zinnia at the top of your post. I've always liked them, but this is the first year I've had the "giant" zinnias and I've really enjoyed having them for the butterflies they attracted.

    Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like a busy one ahead, but a full and fun one!


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