Friday, August 10, 2018

The Day After...

 First of all, I want to thank all of my friends for sending me hugs
and all kinds of support after losing Abbe.
These photos were sent to me by Stacy A., who used to board here when she was just a kid.  Many years later she moved to N.J., where she now has her own farm and ended up with Abbe's mother (who has since passed).  These photos were taken 19 years ago and Stacy is with Abbe in the top photo.  Dorrah (Mom) is wearing the blue mask.

As for today, we had a break from high temps and humidity.
 The girls seemed to be doing alright.

 Funny....Little Wonder stays in the stalls with me while I am cleaning them.
Today he went to Abbe's (as we always cleaned that one first) and it was stripped!
He knew something was different.
 I needed a distraction, and started mowing the pastures.
The Green Hornet stopped by.
 I managed to finish everything but the big pasture.

 I'll do that tomorrow.

 Berlin was really keeping an eye on me.
 More blossoms today.

 At 1:30 Gary and I drove over to Albion so I could get an enhanced drivers license
and Gary could have his pealing license plates replaced.  That took some doing!
DMVs are always crazy.
Anyway, after that I wanted to go check out Forrestel Farm so we stopped 
at the Shirt Factory on the way.  Alix and Scott have really made some
improvements....and more changes are in the works.

 Our last stop was this amazing facility.
It was the last day for horse camp and all the parents were there
to pick up their kids.
 60 horses....and such beauties.

 I am going to try very hard to have one come to our farm during the off season
(which starts now).
 I caught up on a few things when we got home, 
then started on dinner
 while Gary continued working in the gardens.
 Leftover sloppy Joes, squash parm and a carrot and apple salad.
Weird combo, but delicious.
Night all.

Yesterday was jammed with tears.

 My good friend Andrea stopped by as she knew how I felt.  Abbe was born at
Glen Darach Farm and I got her when she was about 18 months old.
She went back for some training (to drive) and I'm sure she remembered her first Mom.  It meant a lot to me to have her support.
 I was not happy hanging around, so I mowed the lawn.
 This bright red blossom appeared.

Summer Serenades was going on but I was not prepared to talk to everyone, so I went
down for the last half hour and grabbed a video for Gary.
Cool jazz.

Of course I can't stop thinking about my sweet girl.


  1. Lori, your home will seem to be so empty, even with others there, as is ours. Like you, I went out into the garden yesterday morning . There is healing in green grass and flowers. Anne came about 10a.m. we had a proper burial, and shared coffee and memories. XXX

  2. Sometimes being busy really helps when you are feeling blue inside. I know I have been a wild and busy woman this summer with being busy to keep my mind off from things.
    I know Abbe had a great life with you and it always breaks your heart when they leave.
    I loved all the photos today, thank you!

  3. I'm so sorry about the loss of your beautiful horse. She will live in your heart forever.


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