Saturday, July 1, 2017

Snow Peas

 Last night my friend Brenda gave me this painting to pass on to Karen, who could not believe it!
 Angel and Maggie.  So beautiful and so them.  What a gift!!!!

Until late afternoon it rained off and on.

 After chores the pups and I ran a couple of errands, then I spent the afternoon binging on
"House of Cards" (which I finished).
Eventually I went out to the garden and picked some snow peas for dinner.
 I have not stir fried veggies in ages.

 Also made rice and sesame chicken.

Chore duty tonight and I went out to tuck the girls in after we finished eating.
By then it was beautiful, but buggy for the horses.

 They were happy to go in.

Night all.


  1. The picture is beautiful. What a lovely gift.

  2. That was a beautiful picture! Yep, welcome to bug season!


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