Thursday, September 1, 2016



 Seymour has really started to play with Little Wonder.
 With all that rain, the clematis has started blooming again.
 (If only my legs were that long).
 In and out.  In and out.

 Fetch Little Wonder!

 Our garden is bursting.  I am going to have no trouble making 75 bags of sauce.  
So far I am only at 15.
 Gary brought home the City newspaper and there on the front cover was Harry Bronson, 
Jenny's boss (State Assemblyman).  He is running in a primary, received 
the endorsement and really deserves it.  A great article and the online version included videos of the two candidates.

 I picked tomatoes
 and cherry tomatoes.  More sauce will be on the way.
 The sky was quite spectacular from morning 'til night.
 Gary straightened out the mower deck and I spent a couple hours mowing the yard.

 Phoebe has finally given in to Little Wonder's charms
 and they have been playing
 a LOT.

 That called for an afternoon nap.

 I finished mowing after lunch.

 This path goes around the pastures, ring and indoor...then back to the yard.
 It seems that I can't go more than 4 days without mowing.  No complaints...need the rain.

 I made a real dinner tonight.
A salad with mixed greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg & Feta cheese.
 Beans from our garden....
 Grilled chicken with the Jack Daniels BBQ sauce Auntie Reg sent up from Kentucky...
 and Carina's garlic and herb bread.
 So good.
 This was the dogs share on top of their kibbles.
After dinner I had a two hour meeting at the Town Hall.
The issue was water....or the lack of.
So tired.
Night all.


  1. The skies are beautiful! Good to see everyone having fun and playing together! He can't help but win hearts with that mug! Your day was really busy I can see why you're exhausted!

  2. Cold and misty here this morning. Fall is creeping in!

  3. I wonder what is next for Wonder :) I love the photos Lori. Have a nice long weekend. HUGS B

  4. I'm so glad the pups are happy together :-). Your header is stunning!

  5. Those photos are unreal. I am about to plant garlic tomorrow - any hints or tips!?


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