Saturday, September 10, 2016


How anyone survives this weather in the South boggles my mind.
This is the 27th day over 90 and so muggy I can't stand it!

After chores I got cleaned up and went down to the Morgan Manning House to grab a few shots at the Peddler's Market.  It was very quiet...not too many vendors.

 I like the wicker planter below...should have bought it for the back porch.

 You can always count on the same people to volunteer at these events.
 Around 1pm about 300 motorcycles drove by....their 9/11 run.
 On my way home I drove past the garden Gary planted at The Center and it was really producing!
 When I got back to the farm he had picked four baskets of tomatoes and peppers
from our garden.

 which motivated me to make sauce.

I also developed a flyer for our upcoming show.
(This is a photograph of it and it's SO blurry!)
Those are Shamra's chickens.

 The horses spent some quiet time in the indoor this afternoon.  
So hot and I've never seen flies like this.

Late afternoon Little Wonder and I took a nap.
This could become a habit.

 The other day Bug's Mom posted a photo of him looking at a picture of LW on her computer.
Today I showed LW  a photo of Bug and his little sister on my iPad.
It's fun to keep tabs on these brothers.
 Chore duty tonight.
We have severe storm warnings...could get hail and high winds.
So far I have just seen lightning and it's still MUGGY!
That should all change by tomorrow morning.

 When I got back in the house Gary made us French toast for dinner.
He's feeling better and I have some kind of a stomach bug.
This is the only thing that sounded good to me.
Night all.

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  1. How could this be??? The wedding dress is the same as mine was in 1962!!! and the grey and white cat the same as a stray who visits us at night.Lovely wicker ware, and sunflowers.


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