Friday, November 22, 2013


A misty morning with snow on the way....but not today.

 No putting the horses together as it was too ugly out there...

 A real boot sucker.
Angel and Maggie were heading for the indoor for the day, wandering around in the muddy outdoor arena in between raindrops.

 This was the only spot of color I could find.
 Made myself some French toast for breakfast....topped with some very nice organic maple syrup.
 Went to Agape next.  Did a lot of aerobic stuff...don't know where the burst of energy came from.
 It was really dreary this afternoon so I stayed close to the fire.

Evening chores are going better now.  Moon is getting used to her suite.

 Tomorrow these girls are going to start needing heavier blankets.

 Berlin is still holding her own...so far no more hives.  Tomorrow, no dex (she had just 1 this morning).

 Miss Piggy won the muddy contest today....everyday!

 Dinner was one gigantic salad.  Organic mixed greens, onion, leftover grilled chicken, apples, grapes, slivered almonds and crumbly blue.    Ooooooooweeeeeeee.
 A little Syrian bread on the side.
 Time for a shower, the fire and a movie.
Night all.


  1. We're cold here, but at least we are dry. I don't envy you with "Rochester" cold coming your way! Stay close to that beautiful fire!

  2. Oh Lori love your photos but I have to admit after seeing the french toast smothered in maple syrup my mind kind of faded away dreaming of it on my own plate:) Hug B

  3. Cold here too. Might flurry a little tomorrow .

    Love your pictures. Happy for you and Berlin too. That fire looks inviting.

  4. That salad looks amazing.....I'd leave off the cheese, though, because I'm allergic to it, but the photo really made me want to run out and get some salad fixin's for dinner (and then the cold temperature outside changed my mind - haha)!


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