Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Group Dynamics

Yikes!  17 degrees this morning.
 Major frost, but it did not last long.

 When I got out to the barn, Karen and Lorrie were nailing up several boards that Moon kicked down last night.  She really does not like having Berlin next to her as she was used to Abbe.  Instead of putting up more boards on her side of the stall, I decided to move her.  Now she has a huge area that includes a 16x16 stall in the back and the entire run-in area.  It's enclosed at night and does not give her much opportunity to kick down more boards.  Yes, she is still with the other horses.

After chores Lorrie worked with Moon while Karen and I put our 4 horses together in the big pasture.

 Catch Berlin's body language?
 We will do this for a few mornings and will see if they are really compatible this weekend.
 If that works, Miss Moon is going to be separated and share a fence line.

 I had to go to chorus and Karen to work, so we put them back in there regular turnouts for the rest of the day.

Maggie was on a lead line and Angel was loose.  She did not want to get left behind.

Chorus was really hard today.  Greg was there to accompany us and we had a lot to cover so we will be ready to perform after two more rehearsals.  No way, are we remotely there.

I spent the afternoon turning Moon's old stall into a storage area for shavings, blankets, tools and a lot of other things.  Looks pretty good and I forgot to take pictures.  Tomorrow.

There was a nice sunset, but I was to lazy to go out with my camera.

All the horse had halters on today so I could make sure they went in the right stalls tonight.  It worked pretty well.
 Maggie is definitely the biggest piggy in the barn.  Every single day.

 I felt sorry for Moon.  She, Berlin and Abbe have all been moved around this week.
 By the way, Berlin had only 1 dex today and no hives yet.  It would not surprise me if they show up tomorrow.  Last week I made a call to Cornell and today I got a call back.  I think the Vet was a little surprised by all I've learned about Neck Threadworms.  Right now, there is not much that can be done as we are in flux.  She's been wormed twice so the larvae would not show up in a biopsy.  I have changed her stall, am converting her over to a new grain, have washed her sheet and blanket, the weather has changed and I'm going to wean her off the dex.  If the hives show up, I'm going to think it is environmental and not threadworms.  What a mystery.  I must have at least 35 pages of info I have gathered between Feral Woman and Cherie S. from California (her horse had threadworms).
Today she acted like a 10 year old when I tried to put her halter on out in the pasture.  It took me long enough and she lounged herself.  Full of beans.
 A simple dinner.  Grilled chicken, baked potatoes and a carrot/apple/craisin salad.
I have to remember to take Gucci and Phoebe to the dog groomer tomorrow.
Night all.


  1. Well, you were sure a busy girl today. It sounds like the girls are getting along. Was Berlin making faces at Abbe??

  2. Glad with the continuing mystery of Berlin's hives, that they are better. Those things can be very difficult to figure out.

  3. I don't mind the cold so much as long as it's sunny! :)

  4. Glad to hear Berlin continues to improve. She must be feeling better, sounds like she was full of herself.

    Hope the new arrangements work out with everyone.

  5. I am going to have to backtrack and see why Moon was moved . . . That'll show me for missing a few days! Have been doing 'worky-jerky' (as my daughter calls it.)


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