Saturday, September 7, 2013

Still Chugging....

 I'm tired and'll have to put the pieces together tonight.

Night all.


  1. Easy enough to put together, and I've made one heck of a story out of them! :-) I hope you have a good evening--I heard from Gaye Mc. that you have cool temps in that direction! burrrrr!!

  2. You were sure busy today! I made a nectarine and peach cobbler this afternoon. Going to go try it in a few... Those grilled peaches (yes?) look good!

  3. That looked like one "heck of a day" super pics, love the flowers, fruit and stalls, Rest well, greetings from Jean, p.s. no words needed , a perfect story all by itself.

  4. Your beautiful girls.. a fun market, delicious peppers and tomatoes, yummy peanut butter cookies! All great. And to top it off, a lovely, scrumptious dinner! I hope the good kind of tired? :)

  5. Gorgeous horses love the sunset shot. Looks like your busy busy busy.


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