The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....
The Rebel...


Friday, December 21, 2012


 I still feel like crapola, but am much better when I'm outside.
 It rained most of the night and snow is on the way.

 This afternoon we had a few flakes but no accumulation.
 Tomorrow morning things should look pretty different.

Recently my days have been spent blowing my nose, taking meds and attempting to get some rest.
I have slept no more than 5 hours total for the past three nights and it is catching up with me big time.

The girls got wet today and rolled for the 100th time.

Late afternoon our fairy godmother (Judy) appeared with all kinds of goodies for dinner.
Leek and potato soup, chicken salad, fruit salad and a green salad.  And believe me, she is a great cook!  Many thanks for such thoughtfulness.  Feed a cold....starve a fever.....feed a cold........
We are supposed to have 20 people for dinner on Christmas Eve.  If there is not a big turnaround in the health department, it may have to get postponed for a few days.  We have canceled out of a lot of social activities already.  I would not wish this on any of you.  So now I am off to inhale some stuff that is supposed to help.  Stay healthy people!!!!!
Night all.


  1. Man, that cold is really hanging on. Hope you are feeling better by Christmas.

  2. Oh Lori, I'm so sorry you are so sick. I wish I could pop over and give you a hand in the barn.

  3. Oh dear. You don't sound so very good, not at all! Try to stay warm!

  4. Do get well soon. Sickness is always a drag.

  5. I hope that you get well soon, Lori.

  6. Oh Lori I do hope you feel better soon there are a lot of colds going around. Hugs B

  7. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy Christmas.

  8. Oh hunny, do get better. Sleep sleep sleep. I know that it is hard to do it but whenever you can, catch what time you can! Sending you warm healing energy.

  9. Ack, so sorry you're sick. Feel better soooon. xx


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