Monday, September 27, 2010


Damp...cool.  Seymour and Sidney joined me out in the paddock.

Let the ponies out in the big pasture.
Finished chores before 9 and did some mowing around the back of the indoor.
Then I dragged the outdoor and indoor rings....that was sure to bring rain
Continued to pick up walnuts.  Soon I will have a full crate (thousands)!

Sidney had a 2:45 appointment to get his rabies shot.  I love my small animal vet, but I feel taken advantage of when it comes to the outrageous prices we have to pay for various things.  I could do an entire post on the subject and probably will (when I have more time).
Tonight we had dinner before chores.  It had started to rain and I was just going to put the horses
in for the night when I went out to the barn.
Abbe was trying to rush me, while I was enjoying taking it easy.

Gucci loves to sleep in the kittens crate...so does Phoebe...Sid and
Seymour have never slept there.

Phoebe was relaxing on the couch....

The kittens were in there condo.  They are getting so big they can hardly fit.  Once again I am
having difficulty posting.  This new editor is a pain in the butt.  I quit!  Night all.


  1. Loved your day....lovely photos and those kitties are getting so soooooo big!
    I have a special place in my heart for Tabbys. My Mike Madison Cat was a big 18 lb Tabby.

    Sorry to hear of your computer woes...me too. Took me 2 days to post my latest. After bills, its getting unplugged, and taken to the computer Dr.

    Love your cute pooches on the header!

  2. Most vets are very high priced. It seems only the wealthy can afford pet medical care. Then again it's a bit like that with my kids. (I told them they can't get sick anymore as I can't pay their bills!). Check around...you may find one more reasonable.

  3. Thousands of walnuts? oh my! I've seen them before but only today, that is so gray here, I really appreciate the beautiful vibrant colors of the buckets:)

    The kittens have really grown. And I hear you about the vet bills... it's outrageous how much they bill us for the simplest things, like a vaccine shot: the vaccine is 0,75 EUR, the application of it is 5 EUR!

  4. I get especially peeved at small animal vets. How come I can get a horses's teeth floated for around $100? Getting my teeth cleaned runs maybe $150 (no dental insurance since I retired.) Yet, when it comes to getting the cat's teeth cleaned, it can run between $300 and $400. I have four cats, and my vet expects me to have that done every year. I can't, sorry.

    Annual checkups run around $250 each. The whole thing is outrageous.

  5. Sorry you had a problem posting, Lori, but I had a pleasant read. As always I LOVED your animals. The cats in their condo are the cutest. I could write a book about being exploited at our vet, whom we've supported forever. But they ARE good with our precious babies and that's what counts. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment. I have a link to a new blog on tomorrow's post, if you'd care to pop in and check it out. Blessings my friend. (((Jo)))

  6. What IS Gucci doing in the kittens crate? Dr. Porter has his spa appoinment Friday so he'll be finely-groomed and sweet-smelling just in case a Gucci wants to stroll along the beach...although it is still pretty hot.

    I really enjoyed all of the canal photos and stories. It is so beautiful up your way.

  7. Sidney has grown up tremendously in appearance over the last few weeks.

  8. We've got walnuts, too. . .not as many as you, tho. Also hickory nuts. And thus: crazy squirrrels and chipmunks.


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