Friday, November 13, 2020

Post #7063 Hard Frost

A pretty crispy start to the day.

After chores I picked the back pasture and discovered Sidney by the back door to the barn
snoozing in the sunshine.

Gary made kindling out of the leftover scraps of wood.
I was given curtains by my friend Hanny and ended up not having a room that they would work in.  They were beautiful, gorgeous fabric and well made.
Today, I took one of them and covered the seats of 5 chairs in our dining room.  2 more to go.
Thanks Hanny!

After that I made an Apple Betty Pie with walnuts.


Night all.



Grey Horse Matters said...

Been raining here for the last 3 days. Love the fabric. I have those curtains in my den! They make pretty seat covers too.

Jeannelle said...

Your farmstead is very scenic. Your meals look great, too!

Val Ewing said...

You are very talented to be able to cover seats like that! Wow.
Misty cold rain here. Brown yuck day.