Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Post #7053 A Perfect Day To Pick The Pastures

 What a day!  65 degrees and positively gorgeous.

I did not get much sleep last night as I wanted to watch the election results.  Fell asleep in bed and woke up just in time to catch Trump's speech from the White House.  Then, I could not fall asleep again.  Tired today and a little discouraged until the tide started to turn.  Let's hope 270 is in reach.

No more blankets should be needed for the next 10 days.

After chores I took down all of our political signs and we have a long wait until absentee ballots are opened in Rochester.  They won't do it until November 16th.  Seems ridiculous.  Close to 100,000.
It's looking good for these candidates.

The house in the back 40 is home to 5 Yorkie mixes who love to visit our property, 
including the pastures.  The owners have been warned that the horses will have no mercy...
they go right up to them and get chased.
Normally, Little Wonder goes toward them and ends up turning around and running to me.
Not today.  Probably because only one was near the indoor.

I got a head start on dinner.  Put together chicken salad.
As I needed to spend some time in the sun, decided to pick the pastures and 
the quartet kept me company.

It did not take long to do everything.
While I was doing that, Gary continued moving leaves to the garden.

I will admit that I spent more time catching up on the voting and napped.
Dinner was delicious.

Night all.

I'll be so glad when the race is called.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I’ll be glad when it’s called too. Fingers crossed . 🤞 but I think he’s got it. Looks like a good day by you.

Nancy J said...

We were so engrossed in the election results that we missed one of our favourite programs. " Alone" where 10 contestants compete to last 100 days in the wilderness in winter, Hope I can get it to play " On Demand " tonight, and be heartened, 270 is getting closer every hour. Your voting system is so complicated, I really hope there is not even a glimmer of a chance of any court actions.

Val Ewing said...

I noted the news in the morning and did not look at anything overnight. I wanted to sleep. But I get it. Yesterday morning I read the news and it looked ... well undecided and with you know who's rhetoric blasted all over the news. He sues for everything. I turned off the devices and decided to wait another 24 hours.