Thursday, November 12, 2020

Post #7062 Crispy....

 We were in the 40s all day.  Fortunately the sun came out.

It looked so drab around the barns.
After chores I made a quick trip to Wegmans and did not do too much when I got home.
Sort of like Phoebe.

Gary continued painting around the doors and
after lunch I decided to mow the lawn and mulch the remaining leaves.
All are gone except for the willow tree.

This rose is going to be frozen by tomorrow morning as we expect a hard frost tonight.

Another hibiscus blossom arrived and I did not even notice it until late afternoon.

We really needed a nice fire tonight... I could not get warm after mowing.

Here's what our spoiled dogs had for dinner.....
and here's what we had.
Roasted chicken, nice nutty rice, homemade applesauce and carrots from the garden.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

Your evening skies have changed so quickly, the pink starts a lot earlier, and great shadows on that lawn.

Val Ewing said...

Oh yum on the supper! Wow! Charlie wants to come and live with you guys...I showed him the photo of what the dogs got.
We are swiftly turning boring brown around here, no flowers left!
But we've had more than one week of cold night temps.

I'm now prepping for the Big Gun Deer Season which I sort of dread each year. 9 days of being housebound.

I made my last trip until next month to the store this week also. I wish I could get a curb side pickup, but no one does that in our small town except for the farm store.