Saturday, November 7, 2020

Post #7056 The Longest Post Ever....

What a day! Plenty of sunshine.

And good light in the kitchen when we got back in the house after chores and a quick trip to
Country Max for shavings.  (Also picked some apples).

About that time, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were projected to be the winners of the election.
Needless to say this brought tears and happiness.  I immediately pulled out our big American
flag that was given to us decades ago by Congressman John LaFalce.  It had been flown 
over our capital and seemed just right for today.  Jenny was a Congressional Aide for him
for seven years.
I finished hanging it just before she arrived to ride The Rebel.

Karen rode Elliott.

Riding in t-shirts on November 7th!

A perfect day to go on a trail ride.

It took awhile for Angel and Berlin to realize they had left the property.

When they got back to the farm they went into the tack room for some grooming.
When The Rebel was all set, Jenny opened the stall door and he had no
desire to leave.

10 minutes later he was ready to go back out.
Brenda, Al and Charlotte were out for a cruise and stopped in to drop off a carafe 
for our coffee pot.  They stuck around long enough for a celebration drink.
In the meantime, Karen got Angel ready to ride and I went out to watch.

I had evening chore duty.....
and got carried away taking photos of the sunset.
What a beautiful start to a welcome change for our country.

By the time I got back in, I decided to make a very simple, quick dinner.
Sauteed onions and a tomato, made 
a salad 
and some pasta.
Vegetarian and delicious.
Night all.

If you got through all these photos, you are a real trooper.


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