Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Post #7061 And All The Doors Are In....

We had rain last night and the morning was very grey.  Ed finished working on the doors and now Gary has to paint the parts that were framed in. What a difference. 

The old door.

I finally made my last batch of green tomato relish while Ed was working.

Here is the door to our back porch.

The door to the mudroom that we have not used for years.
Gary still has to paint grey around this one.

By late afternoon the sun was out in full force.

Finally, the door to the kitchen.
I never realized how hard it is to install one.
At 5 o'clock to the East, the sky was pink.

To the West it was orange.

Leftover corn chowder for dinner with apples and an English muffin.

Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

The doors look great! Love all the pics. The pups look adorable. Been raining all day and still is.