Friday, July 19, 2019

Tropical Dreamers

Yep.  Hot and so muggy.
Before chores I set up the Studio for a She Sings (with Doug) rehearsal.
 It was early and the sun was already steaming.

 After chores I decided to try some breakfast.
Love this combo.  Toast, extra sharp cheddar cheese, grapes and OJ.
I put pepper jelly on the toast...so good.

 In spite of the heat, Gary finished the gardens in front of the indoor.
 In the meantime, we were practicing in the Studio with the air conditioner on.
We were there from 1:30 until after five and I did not take photos.
Here's a short video.
On Sunday we are playing at the Farm Market and have a set ready.

 The Erie Canal brought us together with yet another couple from Ohio...Columbus.
 This is their dog Radar.
 They were referred to us by a couple of other sailors we met here about 8 years ago.
Say "hello" to Ron and Vickie F.
This is our third connection to Ohio folks.

 We took them on a brief tour of Brockport, then brought them out to the 
farm so Radar could have some time to run around in our fenced in yard.
He also met our pups and was very well behaved.
We sent them back to their boat with some romaine lettuce, snow peas and garlic.
Tomorrow they are heading for Spencerport.
This is their sailboat.
We plan to see them again on their return trip to Ohio.
Love meeting people this way.

Night all.

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