Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Another Full Day

 A beautiful, cool morning.

 After chores I decided to mow for an hour before class started.
Just had the big pasture to go.

 The clouds were wild.

 After lunch I finished the rest of the pasture.
It's been growing like crazy.

 At three I ran a couple of errands and got my haircut.
Board meeting at 6.  
Then I drove over to Arrowhead
 to attend a fundraiser 
for JW Cook, who is running for County Legislature.
Jenny and Scott were there.
 It's his birthday so they were planning to celebrate
 after this event.
 The turnout was excellent.

 I had never been there before and was very impressed with the lodge, deck 
and docking facilities.

 Ready to call it a day.

Night all.

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